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New Bill Guide for SingNet - FAQs

Do you have any questions? Learn more from these frequently asked questions.

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What is the change in my bill presentation?

When will the changes for the new bill presentation be effective?

Why do you need to change my bill period?

My bill is paid via GIRO payment and I have set a limit. Will your adjustments in my first bill cause me to exceed my GIRO limit?

Will my GIRO deduction date change as a result of the new start date for my billing period?

I have changed my plan during the transitional period (eg. time to time-based, time/volume-based to unlimited plan, etc). How will the rebates and charges be presented in the new bill?

How will the rebates and charges for my existing plan be affected with the new bill period?

My SingNet bill period has been changed. I would like to view my connection usages according to my new bill period. Can this be arranged?

I have under utilised my free bundle usages before the change in my billing period. Will you carry this forward to the subsequent first bill? If yes, what is the cut off date to utilise it?

I had received similar bill inserts some time in Jul 2004 informing me about the changes to my bill, why is SingTel having a change again?

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You may see an increase in the total charges in your new bill but this will normalise in your subsequent bills.

If your total charges have exceeded your GIRO deduction, you will see the following message printed on your bill: "Amount $xx.xx per deduction limit will be deducted from your account with [bank] on dd mmm yyy. Please pay the balance $xx.xx by dd mm yyyy".

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