SingTel provides every one of our employees with unlimited career opportunities as we span beyond Singapore and Australia into 19 countries. We provide ample opportunities to meet our employees’ growth and development aspiration through projects and job rotations across different functions and countries.

The SingTel Group ensures that our people are fairly rewarded and recognised based on individual and team performance and how they exemplify our core values.

We constantly invest in nurturing the wealth of talent in our midst through learning and training opportunities. Beyond work, we aim to create an environment that is both fun and supportive of the general well-being of our people.
Career Development Approaches SingTel aims to provide a supportive environment in which you can build a fulfilling career. You will take charge of your career with the guidance of a manager, and through support resources from the organisation. The ability to maintain a dynamic career path and develop a portfolio of skills and achievements is important for all in order to continually grow. We have three approaches to career development:

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