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Specific Terms and Conditions for Data3 Plans
Terms and Conditions
Data3 Plans: Pay Per Use charges will be applicable for service plans within the bundle value. Excess Data usage charge is $0.0037/kb subject to a minimum charge of 1 cent/data transaction. Price Cap feature is applicable for 3G Data3 Service plans only. Eg. If you sign up for Data3 price plan and used $400 worth of data in a month, you will be paying $371.75 ($26.75 for subscription and $345 for excess data usage). With the Price Cap feature, the final amount you pay is only $319.93 and you will enjoy a savings of $51.82. The above data rates and bundled data value are applicable for local usage on 3G Packet Data, GPRS, WiFi, HSCSD only. Non-SingTel Mobile customers can enjoy Data3 Services by signing up a Data Supplementary Plan paying a one-time registration fee of $10.70, Data SIM card charge of $32.10 and a monthly subscription fee of $5.35. Standard data charges apply. For more details, please refer to Specific Terms & Conditions. All prices include 7% GST (not applicable to monthly free bundled usage). SingTel reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions without prior notice.