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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is the bundled value in HOT$55 Top-Up?
During this promotional period, each HOT$55 Top-Up provides customers with:
a) $40 worth of Local SMS and Local voice calls (excluding premium calls to 100/ LDD / 1800 (excluding SingTel International Calling Card access numbers listed in Q7).
b) $15 worth of Global SMS and IDD calls (inclusive of local call charges for an IDD call)
c) Free Incoming Calls from 8pm on Saturdays to 7.59am on Sundays*.

*Minimum Balance of $0.01 needs to be maintained in the ‘Local Talktime and SMS’ bonus account to enjoy Free Incoming Calls.

2. Where will the bundled value be credited to in my prepaid account?
Upon each HOT$55 top-up during the promotional period, you will receive $55 worth of bundled value in your prepaid bonus accounts. $40 worth of usage will be credited to your ‘Local Talktime and SMS bonus account’ and $15 worth of usage to your ‘International Talktime and Global SMS bonus account’.

The amount will first be deducted from your BONUS accounts respectively depending on the type of call/SMS usage. Deduction of the amount will be made from the MAIN account when either one of the BONUS accounts reaches $0 value.

3. Who is eligible for the HOT$55 top-up offer?
This offer is open to all new and existing SingTel Mobile prepaid customers, including hi!Card, hello!Mobile Card and Kababayan Card^. Customers just need to purchase and activate the SUPER HOT$128 Top-Up Card.

Not applicable to special rates (i.e. SMS at $0.05/SMS and v019 at $0.16/min) for calls terminating at Philippines Globe fixed lines and Philippines Globe and Touch Mobile numbers. Customers will be charged the standard rates (i.e. SMS at $0.15/SMS and v019 at $0.34 (first minute & $0.22 (subsequent minutes).

4. Will the unused bundled value be rolled over after the expiry date?
Unused bundled value may be rolled over if the customer tops up with another HOT$55 Top-Up Card within 50 days from the previous HOT$55 Top-Up date. This is subject to the maximum balance at any given time, namely:
a) $120 for Local Talktime and SMS Bonus Account; and
b) $45 for International Talktime and Global SMS Bonus Account.

If the customer tops-up with other SingTel Mobile Prepaid hi! card denominations (e.g. $10, $20), the HOT$55 bundled value will NOT be rolled over.

5. What will happen if I do not top up with another HOT$55 TOP-UP CARD within 50 days?
The HOT$55 bundled value will expire automatically after 50 days from the date of activation. Your prepaid mobile price plan will then revert to the last price plan (before activation of the HOT$55 Top-Up Card), together with any Value-Added-Services. For example, if you were a subscriber to the Free Incoming Call plan before activating the HOT$55 bundled value, the Free Incoming Call subscription will be activated the day after the HOT$55 Top-Up expires.

6. What services/promotions are not applicable to the HOT$55 TOP-UP offer?

* Toll-Free calls / 1800 calls (not inclusive of the SingTel International Calling Card access numbers listed in Q8).
* Content downloads
* 1XXX calls (e.g 1511 etc)
* MMS/Global MMS
* Roaming Calls/SMS
* Circuit Switch Data (CSD)
* Any other SingTel Mobile Prepaid promotional offers

Note: Customers can make the above calls if there are balances in their Main Account.

7. Are SingTel International Calling Card services applicable to HOT$55 TOP-UP offer?
You can access the list of SingTel International Calling Card Services below from your HOT$55 Top-Up Card. The local airtime of 8¢ per min* will be deducted from your ‘Local Talktime and SMS BONUS account’. IDD charges will be deducted from the respective card service used. Access numbers for the respective International Calling Cards services are:

Hello Cards


World Card

Enquiry Hotline

1800 560 6060



1800 838 3322

1800 538 3880


6668 1111


1800 538 4011

6668 1898



1800 535 3195

6668 1892



1800 538 0062




1800 538 3511




1800 355 5433




1800 538 7211




1800 535 3066




1800 533 3333




*The local airtime is 8¢/ mins any time except during weekdays (Mon to Fri) 8am to 7.59pm, local airtime is chargeable at 16¢ per min.

8. What are the local call and SMS rates with the HOT$55 TOP-UP CARD
The rates are:

Local calls at 8 cents per minute*
Local SMS at 5 cents per message.
Global SMS at 15 cents per message

9. How do I check the balance on my HOT$55 TOP-UP CARD?
You can check your balance by calling 9676-7777 (toll-free) and pressing '1', followed by '#' with your SingTel Mobile Prepaid SIM card. Alternatively, dial *139# even when you are roaming overseas.

10. Can I enjoy the free IDD offer on a SUPER HOT$128 TOP-UP CARD?
SingTel prepaid mobile customers on the SUPER HOT$128 Top-Up Card are able to enjoy Free IDD calls when they dial v019 to the 11 designated countries.

11. Which are the 11 countries with free IDD 019 rates?

The 11 countries with Free IDD 019 rates are: -

§          India#

§          Bangladesh +

§          Brunei

§          China

§          Canada

§          Hong Kong

§          South Korea

§          Thailand

§          USA

§          Malaysia

§          Puerto Rico

Local call rate of 7¢ per min applies to calls made at all times, via v019 to all India fixed lines and mobiles for SingTel Prepaid Mobile hi!Card. Local call rate of first or second minute at 9¢ per min and subsequent minutes at 10¢ per min applies to calls made via v019 to India at all times with SingTel Prepaid Mobile HOT$55 Top-Up Card.
+ A flat local call rate of 6¢ per min applies to calls made via v019 to Bangladesh at all times for SingTel Prepaid Mobile hi!Card. A flat local call rate of 8¢ per min applies to calls made via v019 to Bangladesh at all times with SingTel Prepaid Mobile HOT$55 Top-Up Card.

12. Will I be charged for local airtime for calls made to these 11 countries?
Yes, the prevailing local airtime charge of 8¢/min* still applies for the first minute and $0.008 for every subsequent 6-second block. This will be deducted from your ‘International Talktime & Global SMS’ bonus account balance.

13. Is there a monthly fee for free IDD 019 calls?

14. Do free IDD rates apply to calls made via 001 and 013?
No. Free IDD rates are applicable for calls made via 019 only.

15. If I make calls to countries other than these 11, can I still enjoy free 019 rates?
No. Calls to other countries will be charged at the international call rate plus the local airtime charge.

*The local airtime is charged at 8¢/min anytime except weekdays (Mon to Fri) 8am to 7.59pm when local airtime is chargeable at 16¢ per min. Rates are rounded to nearest cent for publication and actual rates may vary. Rates are subject to prevailing promotions and rate changes.